Without our Producers we’d be all talk and no trousers!

Charged with ensuring all of our creative concepts are actualised, our production department is the backbone of PEEL.

One of the most varied and busy functions, this team is pivotal to our success and has countless roles. Firstly, they co-ordinate the rehearsals for all performance staff, timetabling the studios and accommodation as well as producing all of the rehearsal content including scripts, music and lyrics.

All of our creative subcontractors like our West End vocal coaches, choreographers, script directors and performance coaches all need to be prepped and booked in for rehearsal with the teams too, so our production team facilitate this as well.

They also send out specialist lighting designers and technicians to create the right ambience for each show as well as ensuring all the technicians are fully trained.

Then of course there’s the staging of the shows themselves, which involves sourcing props, recording soundtracks and creating audio-visuals. Moving past the shows, they also manage the day time activities, Kids’ Club programmes, light entertainment trivia’s and game shows and last, but not least, sports.

To ensure each and every programme is running properly on each ship, they coordinate show reports and monthly updates with our onboard production managers.

They also work alongside our logistics department to coordinate freight, travel, delivery and storage of all resources – all in a day’s work!