Commonly known as 'The Base'

Our studios have come a long way, and have had quite a transformation over the years. Starting life as a billiard room during the Second World War, the space eventually became the appointed rehearsal studio for Keighley’s youth theatre (scrubbed and renovated by PEEL’s MD herself).

Now they’re ‘The Base’ – a state of the art property that contains our dance studios, props room, vocal studios, green room and costume department.

‘The Base’ is where our fantastic show teams and performers come to stay whilst rehearsing for any one of our contracts. They feature state of the art professional equipment which helps our performers not only learn routines but perfect them, including crash mats and trampets to keyboards and digital music systems.

When our performers are not working on their routines or learning harmonies they’ll be visiting our wardrobe department, also in the building, to be measured and fitted for one of the hundreds of custom made costumes PEEL creates every year.

When renovating the property, a critic from a local newspaper commented:

“In for the glamour, in for the grit”

This is an ethos that still lies at the backbone of PEEL.